Launch your startup ideas, using 10+ NoCode tools

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Welcome! We’ve designed this course to help take you from knowing little (or nothing) about no-code, to being able to build a multi-page website, a database, automation, and a mobile app — all without code!

The curriculum is designed to take a beginner from the very start of no-code. 

- 20+ hours of content.

Benefits Of No-Code MVP Approach To Product Development

  1. An MVP approach allows you to release iterations or versions quickly and helps you to learn from your mistakes.
  2. It enables you to minimize your product development costs.
  3. The MVP approach lets you build a customer base before your product is even fully deployed.

Who will benefit from this?

  • Entrepreneurs - Test your ideas on a smaller scale by launching prototypes fast. Expand and invest in what the customers pay for.
  • Freelancers - Increase your service offerings. Execute projects much faster. Attract high-ticket clients.
  • Designers - Go beyond the UI prototypes and actually build a working model of your design. Be a complete package.
  • Digital Marketers - Utilize advanced analytics to track user activity and manage funnels. Collect critical data without the need to write complex scripts from scratch.
  • Developers - Why spend months to build software, when you can use a No-Code tool to quickly build a product and write code only to enhance its capabilities even further. Save time and effort dummy!
  • Small Business - Selling online has never been easier and more accessible. Take your business to the internet and let the whole world buy from you.

Why to go with #NoCode to launch your MVP?

  • Spend less, Ship faster is one of the best things you can do with it.
  • No technical knowledge is required, the learning curve is drastically reduced
  • Great for creating a simple system
  • Validate your idea's faster and reduce your time to market
  • Less dependency on others, since you will be able to manage things on your own
  • Cost-saving
  • Update and maintenance of the apps is straightforward
  • It can be fun playing around with different things
  • Awareness of no-code is increasing day by day

The course is made up of the following modules:

  • Building websites
  • 🛠️ Time to build... A website
  • Building databases
  • 🛠️ Time to build... A database
  • Building automation
  • 🛠️ Time to build... An automation
  • Building mobile apps
  • 🛠️ Time to build... A mobile app

Tools covered with hand on practice:

  • For websites: Carrd, Squarespace
  • For databases: Airtable, Notion, Softr, Super
  • For automation: Zapier, Airtable
  • For mobile apps: Glide, Adalo

The 🛠️ Time to build... modules are a chance for you to build what you will have learned in the preceding theory module.

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The curriculum is designed to take a beginner from the very start of no-code.

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Launch your startup ideas, using 10+ NoCode tools

1 rating
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